December 2011

I got the task to master two new songs with Mad Lee Riot, sounds great! Listen: Audio or Spotify

November 2011

Toxic Rose recoding drums, Martin Sweet (Crashdiet) are taking care of the mix, sounds great!

Listen at: Audio

October 2011

Crashidiet did a video for one of the songs we recorded, sorry for  the poor sound on youtube.
Check it out:

Crashdiet - Hollywood Teaze


The video will also be included on their new DVD: Shattered glass and broken bones


Or just listen with good quallity: Audio

General Surgery are recording five new songs! Listen at Audio or Spotify

September 2011

Nitad are in the studio again, this recording are produced by Hasse Karlsson. Listen at Spotify.

Toxic Rose are recording drums for some new songs!

August 2011

This Ending are recording three new songs for the EP Systematic worship, listen at Audio Spotify Spotify

July 2011

Nitad just started to record their album.

June 2011

Dead silent filmstars from New zealand found my studio, five rock songs were recorded.

Check out their site, a video have been done to every song :)



April - May 2011

My old band A Canorous Quintet are recording two songsthat never have been released, they were written in 1995.
It will be released byTemple of darkness as a vinyl 7"
Listen at Audio

February - Mars 2011

Crashdiet are going to be my first "real" recording in the new studio. Two new songs for different bonus stuff.


Check it out: Audio


January 2011

The studio is not ready for action but we're working!

December 2010 - Januari 2011

In the middle of building a studio!!

Audiogrind Studio 

 Musicproduction In Stockholm