December 2012

Goatsodomizer are recording four new songs!

Listen to it: Goatsodomizer

October 2012

I'm mastering two more tracks with Mad Lee Riot

August 2012

A Canorous Quintet have been working with re-masters of the old albums, so we have recorded a few bonus tracks, two old & forgotten songs were recorded.

Recorded & mixed without triggers & editing this time, drums & bass was recorded live!

Juni 2012

General Surgery 

I'm mastering A collection of depravation for vinyl! Check it out on Spotify

Maj 2012

Dead Silent Filmstars returns to record four new songs, listen at youtube.

April - Maj 2012

Blackshine are about to mix their new album, so i'm doing it!

Check it out on Spotify:  Blackshine - Soul Confusion

Mars - April 2012

Iron Lamb record some new songs! Listen at Audio

Februari 2012

Roof Down in the studio, four new songs :)


Now on Spotify: Roof Down – RD II


Audiogrind Studio 

 Musicproduction In Stockholm